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Hand manufactured knit caps and more

Icebox began as a modest knitting mill in 1994.

Utilizing Vintage Scandinavian Industrial knitting machines we knit in heavy 3 gauge and lighter 7 gauge.

We can create fabric bolts for cut-and-sew, Hats, Scarves, blankets and other items for your business. We can help to source fibers to build your knitted product with integrity to last  for generations to come.

Please call or email so we can discuss the specifics of your knitting needs.

Vintage Scandinavian Industrial knitting machine

Minimums & Private Label Hat Pricing

$500 Buy in-line selection, at wholesale price, mix and match to hit min dollar amount.  Buyer provides hangtag, woven label and any special packaging.

Custom color, 72 unit minimum of per current in-line style, multiple color ways at $8.50 per each additional colorway, 10% off wholesale, although yarn type will determine exact pricing additional discounts apply.

Custom color, custom hat 144 unit minimum, base pricing is determined by yarn choice (Acyclic, Merino/Acrylic blend, 100% Merino, Cashmere, Buffalo, Yak, etc.)

We work within your budget and what makes sense for us and you!

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